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Welcome to the home of "Telefunken Audio Tubes", a site devoted to the historic
Telefunken Tubes Manufacturing Plants
and their product.
Due to the high variety of Electron Tubes that were made over the years, this site only showcases those type of tubes that were used in  professional audio devices, such as pre and power amplifier, microphones, effect and non linear amplifiers (EQs and leveling types) .


Telefunken developed, manufactured and distributed vacuum tubes from 1910 to 1980. During that time Telefunken laid the foundation of tube design and material science for nearly all other companies to follow; even today the impact is still visible with the few remaining manufactures left.
The picture above shows the milestones of modern tube development and even most of those tubes are not known to the average tube enthusiast, all those tubes are masterpieces of vacuum design, all of them were developed and build by the historic Telefunken company.
From the left to the right:
LS50 the grandmother of all modern power tubes, introduced in 1938 the first 40/50W power pentode, most famous use was inside the V2 rocket as the control device of the directional flaps. Still made today in Russia and China in slightly modified form.
EL151 short lived 60W pentode that was developed at the end of the war to replace the LS50, build only in small quantities to 1960.
EL152/FL152 the post war version of the LS50 introduced in 1947.
EL84 the most famous Telefunken developed tube ever, copied by nearly every tube manufacture in world and is still made today in various forms.
EL156 a simplified version of the EL151, most famous for the use in the Telefunken V101 poweramp and with 50W plate dissipation the most powerful standard production audio tube ever made. The last tube type that ran of the production line in Ulm in 1980. Still made in modified form in China.
EL3010 The most advanced power tube ever made, designed to use with transistor drivers, like most Telefunken tubes original developed as a radio transmitting tube. Due to the high price it never found the way into audio designs.
YL1350 the last developed tube by Telefunken and with 70W plate dissipation the most powerful audio tube ever developed. Original designed for Dynacord in Germany, when they tried to come up with a bassamp to compete against the SVT on the American market. Before the tube went into production the plug was pulled and only the first 600 pre production tubes were ever made.

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